Bobby Earth: Houston’s Young Pharrell


Local artist Bobby Earth‘s tracks are an intergalactic journey that evoke Odd Future and N.E.R.D.  But for a talent as impressive as his, Earth’s fan base remains shockingly small.

BE Twitter
Earth’s twitter profile; his following doesn’t match his huge talent

The Houston Press spotlighted the young producer/singer as early as 2011, and somehow Earth has since managed to fly under the radar in a fashion that both suits his alternative style and yet seems deeply disappointing.

The Houston native stuns as a part of Milky Wayv, a soulful, gravity-defiant group of musicians.  The local ensemble’s latest collection, The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard, heavily features production from Earth, which sounds something like frozen kaleidoscopes.

Check this mixtape out when you want to feel high without drugs or when you are high on drugs.

Earth’s contemporaries and collaborators make up some of Houston’s most promising young artists (I won’t name them, because this article is about Bobby, but find them on his SoundCloud).  The tracks they deliver echo the vibes of Best Mixtape. They’re dripping in cosmic gel and backed by a slow syncopated beat.

Tell your friends about him, because he’s getting regular shouts out from the Houston Press, Milky Wayv has been a featured performer at SXSW (in a free late night show, but on the SXSW schedule all the same), Earth himself has collaborated with Matt Martians of The Internet, and Milky Wayv even opened for The Internet at their Houston and Dallas shows last year.

All this respectable recognition and still he hasn’t been featured on a late-night talk  show.  Something is wrong.

He’s on his way to big things, but hopefully, he can first find the local appreciation he’s so curiously lacking.

Stay hot, Houston.


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